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Missouri Ducks Unlimited License Plate

MO DU License Plate Use Authorization. Pay 1 or 2 Years Authorization. Print your forms/take to DMV.
$25 - $50
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local_activity MO Emblem Use Authorization - 1 Year License Plate Fee
local_activity MO Emblem Use Authorization - 2 Year License Plate Fee
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After you purchase tickets you'll get instructions and a link to attend the event online.

The Missouri Ducks Unlimited license plates have been available since November, 1999.  You have the unique opportunity to "fly the colors" of Missouri DU.
Your plates will have the DU Wood Duck Artwork on the left side and the words "Ducks Unlimited" on the bottom. Your plates will be personalized (you are limited to six characters), and they can be anything you wish within reason. If your license is for 1 year, the cost is $25.00, or if you license is for 2 years, the cost is $50.00 to cover the "Emblem Use Authorization Statement."
Purchasing these plates has never been easier.
    Simply click the button at the bottom of the page and then click on the Continue button. Enter the information requested. We will email you the "Emblem Use Authorization Statement." The subject line of the e-mail that serves as your authorization statement will be "Confirmation Ducks Unlimited Inc. purchase." So please provide us with a current e-mail address when asked.
    Take the statement (copy of the e-mail) to your local Department of Revenue (DOR) office. The DOR rules and regulations apply once you have the use statement.
    While at the DOR you will fill out an Application for Missouri Personalized and Special License Plates (DOR-1716). This form takes about one minute to fill out, it consist of you name and address and the characters you want on your plates. There is an additional application fee payable to the DOR.
    Once your plates come in, 4-6 weeks later, you will get a letter from DOR telling you that your plates are ready. You will need to turn in your old plates for your new Ducks Unlimited plates.
This is a wonderful way to show your support of DU and it also can have a significant impact on our annual income as you renew your DU plates. Don't put it off any longer - "fly the colors" now with the your new Ducks Unlimited license plates. For more info or to submit questions, please call 573-415-6697 or email tcarlton@ducks.org
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After you purchase tickets you'll get instructions and a link to attend the event online.